Lawn to Survive the Summer Heat

3 Ways to Get your Lawn to Survive the Summer Heat

Lawn care is easy in the spring and the fall months. Summer is where your lawns biggest challenge. Scorching heat, little rain, insects and fungus can play havoc with your lawn.

1.Apply liquid organic aeration. Liquid organic aeration lets water penetrate deeper into the soil and holds the water for a longer period of time. Liquid organic aeration gets the grass to grow longer roots that go deeper into the soil. The healthier grass roots make more water available to the grass plant.
2.Apply organic lawn food. Lawn Science uses organic based lawn food full of organic matter that builds the soil with every application. Grass root love to grow in healthy organic rich soils because nutrients are available as the grass plants need the nutrients.
3.Mow your lawn a 3 inches or higher. Lawn Science recommends mowing the lawn at 3” or higher during the summer months to reduce the stress your lawn may incur. The correct mowing height helps to shade the soil and reduces water evaporation and reduces weed growth. Correct mowing height also increase grass root length and root density.

For long term lawn health Lawn Science recommends a second Liquid Organic aeration in the late summer. The second Liquid Organic aeration helps the lawn recover from the summer ordeal much faster.

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