Spring Tips

Early Spring Lawn Tips

Warm weather sparks spring activity on lawns. Here are a few tips to get your lawn off to a great start this spring:

      Be gentle on the lawn, A light raking of the sticks, twigs, acorns is all that is needed. There is no need to rake your lawn very briskly. A hard brisk raking will pull up the tender and shallow rooted grass before it has a chance to root in.
      Mow short for the FIRST cut,this will help clean up the remain debris of the lawn .Mow the lawn at 2 inches, which is a little lower than regular mowing height of 3 inches. Catch the clipping and debris with a catcher this first cutting.
      Soil test your soil to seed if you need lime. Send a soil sample up the UCONN soil lab, they will send you the result and instructions for soil test corrections.
      Spot seed any large bare spots. Seed the bare spots with perennial Rye grass and use starter fertilizer to feed the new seeding. Cover the seed with chopped hay. Water the seed daily for 10 minutes until it grows to 3 inches tall.
      Enjoy your lawn.
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