Patios add a tremendous value to your home. Patios bring friends and family together, creating lasting memories. Remember to build a patio large enough to hold everyone. There are certain design features to a patio that increase the ease of use and reduces wasted space. Make sure to give thought to the type and amount of use your patio will endure.

American Landscape offers a no-paint, never-peel solutions to enhance your outdoor room.



The entrance to your home. A beautiful front sidewalks adds to the appeal of every home. We can match the architecture of the home to the style of paver or stone to enhance the entire property.



A classic beauty, granite adds value to any home. Nothing last like granite. Millions of years old, granite is one of the hardest stones on earth. Granite steps are best alternative to most materials. Granite is available in a number of colors and textures. Winter concerns? Granite is salt and calcium safe. Use which ever ice meter you want, without ever worrying about your steps. American landscape offers a 100 year warranty on granite step and landings.