Groton Lawn Care Services

Lawn Science prides itself on providing gorgeous lawns for Groton homeowners. We also appreciate the big picture in terms of our environment, which is why our applications focus on organic fertilizers as opposed to synthetic chemicals.

Weed and Grub Control for Groton

A healthy, vibrant lawn can be an attractive feast for pests, especially grubs. A major obstacle with grubs is that by the time you know they are there, they have already done a good deal of damage.

Lawn Science treats Groton lawns with a pre-emptive grub application that halts grubs before they have a chance to do real damage. By getting out ahead of grubs, we help you avoid major damage from these unwelcome guests.

Hungry insects are not a healthy lawn’s only enemy. Crabgrass and broadleaf weeds are unattractive and can also rob your lawn of valuable nutrients and water. Through multiple selective treatments, we minimize weeds of all types, which sets your turf up for success.

Organic Options

In feeding your Groton lawn, we invest in the long-term as opposed to the quick fix. Building your lawn up with organic food and natural supplements strengthens your turf over time resulting in a healthy and well-balanced lawn. Synthetic chemicals may yield more dramatic results, but with turf health there is more than meets the eye.

Our organic fertilization and aeration treatments will keep your lawn green, thick and healthy throughout the year.