Lawn Care in Mystic Connecticut

Lawn Care in Mystic Connecticut can be frustrating and disappointing if these 3 steps are skipped.

  • Step one: A soil test.
    Lawn Science works with the UCONN soil testing lab to test Mystic soil and then make the proper soil corrections. Have the right amount and type of lime applied is key to having healthy green grass. Lawns in Mystic have a tendency towards low PH acidic soil and need lime applications to sweeten the soil and raise the PH.
  • Step two: Regular lawn feedings.
    Regular lawn feedings are important for getting the right nutrients to the grass when the lawn needs the food. Skipping lawn feedings will starve the lawn your lawn in the spring and reduce lawn recovery from hot summer weather that occurs in Mystic. In Mystic the best approach is 5 applications spread over 8 months, from April to November. Light lawn food feedings in the spring and summer and then a heavy feedings in the late summer and fall work best to get Mystic lawns.
  • Step three: Proper timing of grub control insecticides.
    If grub control in Mystic is applied too early or too late the grubs will destroy the lawn. Lawn Science use growing degrees, specific to Mystic to determine the exact time to apply grub control. Lawn Science monitors beetle activity and the life cycles of the four major beetles that lay eggs that hatch into grubs and threaten the lawn survival.

To avoid years of frustration with your lawn don’t skip these 3 important steps.

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