Tolland Lawn Care Services

Lawn Science is happy to provide the Tolland area with top-notch lawn care services that lead to gorgeous properties throughout this region.

Keeping it Green

We believe that it is possible to deliver great looking lawns in Tolland while leaving a minimal environmental footprint. Our fertilizer treatments include two applications of organic ‘Super Green’ iron that gives your lawn a dark green color without using man-made chemicals.

We also give Tolland lawns two applications of ‘compost tea’ which improves nutrient retention while helping your lawn turn grass clippings into usable food. In the spring and fall, your lawn will receive a liquid aeration treatment that aerates the soil while stimulating grass roots.

Our goal is to provide Tolland with a lawn care program that is both effective and environmentally responsible.

Say Goodbye to Pests

Unsightly weeds can wreak havoc for Tolland homeowners, especially in the summer. Lawn Science provides your lawn with weed control applications that address both broadleaf weeds as well as crabgrass. With multiple treatments of each, your lawn will be virtually weed free all summer long.

Effective grub control is also important when it comes to keeping your lawn happy and healthy. We head grubs off at the pass with a preventative treatment that stops grub activity before it becomes a visible problem. In late spring, we also treat for chinch bugs and deer ticks – wiping out their numbers before they can do much damage.

With a thorough pest control program and a comprehensive fertilization schedule, Tolland homes can boast of healthy gorgeous lawns throughout the season!