Must-do Lawn Secrets

Final Fertilizer Application

Fall lawn care, with winter fast approaching you must act now. Give your lawn one more application of fertilizer. This fall fertilizer application builds roots and thickens your lawn. This is the most important application of the season!


Sweeten your soil with an application of pelletized lime. This lime application adjust the PH in the soil and reduces the acidity in the soil. Lawns love higher PH soil to grow in.

Remove the Leaves

Keep your lawn clean from leaves. Your lawn does not like being covered by a thick blanket of leaves (who does?). Your grass needs the sunlight to grow, produce, and store carbohydrates for the coming winter. Give your lawn a once-a-week cleaning. The easiest and fastest way to clean the leaves is to mulch them into very small piece with your lawn mower (if done weekly it is not too much of a chore).

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