Privacy Plantings

Privacy Planting
Can you see your neighbor? They can see you! If you have ever felt the need for some more privacy in your yard, we have solutions. Privacy plantings grow taller than a fence and privacy plantings never need painting. American Landscape offers designs and plants that create long term privacy.

Shade Plantings

Shade plantings add beauty to spaces that will not grow grass or where sun loving plants will not thrive. There is an art to designing shade gardens. Some types of shade gardens include:

  • naturalistic shade gardens
  • blooming gardens
  • creeping gardens
  • define on purpose gardens

American Landscape has a tremendous amount of experience with shade gardens and will design the perfect one for your yard.

Hill Side Plantings

Too steep to MOW? Plantings work better
There are over 6,000 lawn mowing injuries annually; most are from people trying to mow steep hills.

Please do not take those chances. Better to be safe.

American Landscape designs and installs beautiful hillside plantings that provide seasonal interest by combining plants with different colors and textures. We also design and install specific hillside junipers that grow together covering the hill. Both options work well and eliminate the need for mowing.

Foundation Plantings

By using classic design and local plants we create a planting specific to your home’s foundation. We are known for installing low maintenance and seasonally attractive foundation plantings. We specialize in colony-era plantings using design elements from George Washington’s home, Mt. Vernon and Thomas Jefferson’s home in Monticello.

Large Tree Plantings

Need Large Trees? We deliver and install large shade trees and evergreens. Using a backhoe with turf-friendly tires we can install very large trees with very minimal effect to the existing lawn. Large trees are great for instant shade or fast privacy. Large tree plantings start at $1200.

Poolside Plantings

Keeping cool and keeping safe is the main focus in our poolside planting and installations. In poolside plantings we stay away from plants that attract bees and hornets. We use poolside plants that provide privacy and a beach-like atmosphere, keeping with a low maintenance approach.

Perennial Gardens

Perennial garden is a broad term meaning “plants that come back every year,” as oppose to annuals garden that need to be replanted every year. There a number of perennial gardens:


  • flower gardens
  • butterfly gardens
  • song bird gardens
  • shade gardens
  • season blooming gardens

American Landscape has designed and installed hundreds of perennial gardens. We know what blooms when, what grows the best for each situation, and which plants are the easiest to maintain. American Landscape carefully and skillfully designs and chooses plants that continue to improve and add beauty to the garden.