Spring is Here in Westbrook, CT

Spring in Westbrook, CT.

Spring is clearly on its way in Westbrook. As I drive along Pond Meadow Road, I notice the turf coming back to life, showing new green shoots. On Fishing Brook Road, buds are bursting on shrubbery. The residents on Seaside Avenue might be looking out onto their lawns and maybe thinking of core aeration to rejuvenate their turf. Everyone has seen the results; although only temporary, it looks like a large flock of geese camped out for the weekend.  But here at Lawn Science, we get better results with our own lawn aeration program, using liquid aeration, a formula personally developed by the owner of Lawn Science, with a proprietary formula of kelp, compost tea and humates. This program gives the turf optimal nutrition. The lawns on Pepperidge Avenue are looking alive, but what lawn couldn’t benefit from an organic based lawn care program? I go along and I notice the grass cutting companies and yard maintenance companies getting to work, cleaning up from the winter and preparing for the busy growth season. Out on the roads in Westbrook, local lawn care companies are out in full force, too. Maybe you’re wondering what a local family-owned lawn care company like Lawn Science can do for the turf on your street? Things look good now, but with the coming heat and humidity of summer, your lawn can become stressed if it’s not properly fed. This can give an advantage to any weed and crabgrass seeds to take hold and take over your lawn.  Even with the advantage of a sprinkler system in place, the grass has a hard time resisting weeds, fungus and pests that want to move into the neighborhood. I’m on my way through town, driving along Second Avenue and I am seeing more green grass and budding foundation plants. Maybe some are thinking that Scott’s Turf Builder is the best they can offer to their property. I can tell you that the 5 step organic based lawn care program that the turf care leaders at Lawn Science have developed is far superior to “lawn care in a bag”. They have spent the last 35 years attending classes and seminars, even experimenting on their own lawns, to carefully fine tune a program that can give your turf every advantage during all stages of growth. I finish up my tour of Westbrook on Mcveagh Road and Toby Hill Road with my car windows open, taking in the fresh spring air and imagine a town with healthy green lawns, ready for a whole season of family fun.

Westbrook is located in Middlesex County, Connecticut, United States. Westbrook is located in southern Connecticut on the Long Island Sound. Originally part of Saybrook Colony, it was known as Pochaug until 1810 and incorporated as a town in 1840. Timber from local white oak and chestnut forests sustained a shipbuilding industry that flourished for nearly a century. The most famous vessel associated with the town of Westbrook is the Turtle, the world’s first submarine, invented by Westbrook-native David Bushnell. By the 1870s, the area had become a popular summer resort town—a characteristic it still retains today.   The population was 6,938 at the 2010 census and has grown steadily over time. The town center is also classified by the U.S. Census Bureau as a census-designated place.

The Town extends four miles along the shore of Long Island Sound, abutted on the west by Clinton and on the east by Old Saybrook.  The town extends five miles inland, abutted by the towns of Essex and Deep River, for a total of 16.2 square miles.

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